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Whether it be inspiring insights about being a woman in the resistance or scientific studies on riveting stories of global travel, these new books have a little something for everyone. No matter what kind of time you have to devote to reading, essay collections make it easy to keep up with your favorite hobby.During the summer, there is plenty of time to relax on the beach and binge read a new novel, but during the fall, opportunities to read become few and far between. Whether you're trying to enjoy a book on the way to work, sneaking a reading session in at lunch, or enjoying a good story before bed, these 11 new essay collections have your back.In it, she insisted the idea that “traditional, canonical American literature is free of, uninformed, and unshaped by the four-hundred-year presence of, first, Africans and then African Americans in the United States” is patently false: “Even, and especially, when American texts are not about Africanist presences…the shadow hovers in implication, in sight, in line of demarcation.” She felt it was incumbent on a new generation of African American writers to bring this experience to the fore, and this ambition drove much of her writing: Both her fiction and nonfiction aspired to place the African American experience at the center of American storytelling.

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Whether it's school work that demands your attention or the start to the busy season at work that is sucking up all your free time, there always seems to be something to take your attention away from your beloved books. gives readers around the world a chance to take a peek inside the insightful mind of one of America's most celebrated novelists.

That's why essay collections are the perfect books to add to your autumn TBR pile: they offer small bits of reading in self-contained pieces you can read at your leisure. As the volume's title implies, Morrison reflects on the constructs of identity and race in language and literature, specifically her own critically acclaimed works like , a vital collection of essays, old and new, that explore the cultural and political climate that lead to the election of America's first black president and Donald Trump's subsequent rise to power.

Literature could not eradicate humanity’s evils, but it could force us to wrestle with them.

Morrison’s conversation with Cornel West in 2004, at the height of the Iraq War, offers another example of her keen sense of the limits as well as the liberating powers of storytelling.And in her essays and public speeches, she made clear, over and over again, that literature that was unapologetically for and about African Americans was also a central part of the American canon.In her 1987 eulogy for James Baldwin, she extolled him for having “un-gated” the language to allow black writers to “enter it, occupy it, restructure it in order to accommodate our complicated passion.” Morrison’s constant struggle to place African American experience squarely at the center of modern American life helped inspire a generation of black intellectuals and writers, including Toni Cade Bambara, Gayl Jones, and Angela Davis.Yet for Morrison, this did not mean that writers should retreat from the awesome task of describing life.By recognizing the limits of the word, one could also recognize its strengths.Featuring powerful contributions fro, Gabrielle Bellot, Trey Ellis, Rafia Zakaria, and more, Equal parts funny and sincere, John Hodgman's latest collection takes a hard look at adulthood through the lens of a self-described forty-something year old "privileged Sasquatch." From the strange shores of coastal Maine to the hippy hills of Western Massachusetts, chronicle's Hodgman's life of wandering and the perspective older age has granted the writer, comedian, and actor.It's a thoughtful and insightful glimpse inside the mind of one of the funniest writers today Part scientist, part storyteller, Oliver Sacks had a knack for creating engaging nonfiction about anything from physical and mental illness to his own decades-long celibacy.A veteran of a much older version of this conflict in the publishing industry, Morrison was ready to take on such a role, and she used her growing prominence as a novelist to refocus Americans’ attention toward the experience of African American women—depicting their struggles and triumphs as unique and robust examples of human experience. She warned of the systematic ways in which the powerful can “loot” language for their own purposes, evacuating it of its humanity and speaking only “to those who obey, or in order to force obedience.” But she also insisted that writers can use language in another way: to help those without power find their own voices.This language might never be able to “‘pin down’ slavery, genocide, war”—it, too, had its limits.Leaving us at the age of 88, Morrison composed a body of work that holds its own with that of every other legend in American literature and thought in the 20th and early 21st centuries.While much of the focus in the immediate aftermath of her passing will be on her remarkable novels—, continues to be a trenchant analysis of how the changing idea of black identity in American society has been a central part of American literature and culture since the white colonialists landed in North America.


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