Belonging In Strictly Ballroom Essay

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The extract from Nerida Wayland’s ‘Slow cycle’ also explores the values of identity and self-expression and their effect on an individual’s ability to belong in a meaningful way in marriage.

To me, ‘Strictly Ballroom’ and ‘Slow cycle’ are worthy additions to ‘Belonging in our Society’ because they explore the emotional impact of rebellion and its effect on belonging in society.

I felt this scene was effective as it juxtaposed so greatly with the other scenes where Scott began to dance with Fran and eventually had the courage to dance his own steps.

Our opinion on the very delicate and pretty world quickly changes as we hear Shirley shrill voice yelling out "come on 100" this quickly alerts us to the fact that behind the glitter and face smiles, ballroom dan ...

Making a decision to rebel against expected ways of being can have a significant emotional impact on an individual’s sense of self.

However, when we objectively observe the influences in our lives, we are better able to decide a course of action that is most suited to our personal judgments and aspirations.

The interviews describe the events of the recent Southern District Waratah Championships, where Scott Hastings dared to express his individuality through unconventional dance steps. ’ The word ‘tragedy’ makes the audience laugh at her exaggeration.

A tone of mock tragedy is expressed through Shirley’s lament, ‘I kept asking myself, “Why? The open framing here as Scott dances out of the shot conveys the sense of rebellion, juxtaposing the image with the closed framing of the ‘strictly ballroom’ waltz in the scene.

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