Bad Teacher Essay

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With this requirement, you would think that all teachers would be proficient enough to teach the subject area(s) they were hired to teach.

Unfortunately, there are some teachers who do not know the content well enough to teach it.

This is an area that could be overcome through preparation.

All teachers should thoroughly prepare for any lesson before they teach it to make sure they understand what they are going to be teaching.

Good communication is essential in the teaching profession.

An ineffective teacher communicates poorly, or not at all, with students, parents, other teachers, staff members, and administrators.

A good teacher doesn’t mind having a bad student in their class because they enjoy what they do so it’s not hard to make that one or two bad student(s) become engage in class.

A bad teacher is the complete opposite of a good teacher.

A lack of professionalism can quickly result in a teacher’s dismissal. They may fail to follow a district's dress code or use inappropriate language in their classroom.

Too many good teachers have lost their careers due to a moment of poor judgment.


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