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Records Normally, records are separated by newline characters.

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This option overrides the default behavior, without the full draconian strictness of the --posix option.

Print version information for this particular copy of gawk on the standard output.

If this variable does not exist, the default path is ".:/usr/local/share/awk".

(The actual directory may vary, depending upon how gawk was built and installed.) If a file name given to the -f option contains a "/" character, no path search is performed. First, all variable assignments specified via the -v option are performed.

Gawk accepts the following options, listed by frequency. The f flag sets the maximum number of fields, and the r flag sets the maximum record size.

These two flags and the -m option are from an earlier version of the Bell Laboratories research version of Print a sorted list of global variables, their types and final values to file.

If RS is set to the null string, then records are separated by blank lines.

When RS is set to the null string, the newline character always acts as a field separator, in addition to whatever value FS may have.

It also provides the ability to mix library functions with command line programs.

The environment variable AWKPATH specifies a search path to use when finding source files named with the -f option.


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