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Select the cell where the weighted average should go (for us that’s cell D15) and then type the following formula into the function bar.Blackboard’s Grade Center can be used to calculate final grades for you, regardless if you use Blackboard to deliver assignments, assessments and other grade-able activities, or just manually enter grades into manually created columns.

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To create a weighted calculated column: Proportional vs.Blackboard Help In the Grade Center, you can weight grades either by individual items or by categories.This page from Loyola University Chicago has detailed examples for understanding how Blackboard calculates weighted grades. La=function();function gj(a) C(gj,ej);gj.prototype[Hh]=! $/;function Xi(a) ;function Yi(a) function Zi(a) function cj(a);window.sc_init Selects=function();function ej(a) ;function fj(a) C(fj,ej);fj.prototype. As you can see in our table below, we’ve already assigned the relative weights to each quiz and exam in the D column.First, let’s look at how the SUMPRODUCT function works.Individual assignments usually don’t count as much towards a final grade as the final exam—things like quizzes, tests, and final exams will all have different weights.The weighted average is calculated as the sum of all of the values multiplied by their weights divided by the sum of all of the weights.Equal weighting is a setting when you weight by category.It only makes a difference if you have columns with different points possible in the same category (e.g.


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