Assigning A Static Ip Address

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We have a guide to reset the web services and daemon ports here to resolve that issue.A static Internet Protocol (IP) address (static IP address) is a permanent number assigned to a computer by an Internet service provider (ISP).It has to be assigned to you by your service provider and has to be available for use before you can use it.

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With the rapidly expanding use of IP-addressable devices, IPv4's limitations became more apparent.

The IPv6 protocol followed IPv4 and provided for 128-bit addressing for virtually unlimited IP addresses.

This means that a computer with an assigned static IP address uses the same IP address when connecting to the Internet. The ISP assigns each address to its networked computers via the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, which is configured to allocate static IP addresses to specific computers.

The addresses are used for network identification and communication. Unlimited IP address requirements were not considered when the Internet was first conceptualized.

You can manually assign IP addresses to your computers and devices. To set up a static address you need to locate the Connection you are using. You can uncheck the automatic assignment of IP address and or DNS server address.

In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to assign static IP addresses and DNS server addresses on Windows 10. If you are using DHCP then you should see a screen like the one below.

If it is called something else in your system, obviously make allowances for this and adjust things as necessary.

If you have successfully changed the IP address, and you can gain access via SSH to the server, but the Access Server web services are not responding, it is possible you had your Access Server configured to listen to a very specific IP address, and if you have changed this, then the Access Server web services won’t start.

In some situations if the DNS server needs to be changed and you have things set statically you’ll need to edit /etc/and update it to have the correct DNS server.

Without a working DNS server you’ll be able to ping IP addresses like on the Internet, but not be able to resolve and ping addresses like Another important thing to note here is that in our situation shown above we have only one network interface and it is called ens192.


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