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David Hume supports Aristotle’s point that virtue is determined by a character’s actions as well as the satisfactions others receive from these actions but does not state that a lack of satisfaction with someone’s physical appearance means they are immoral as beauty is not an action that can be satisfied, justifying that beauty is not a virtue.Hume and Aristotle agree that virtue helps differentiate what is moral and immoral but beauty is independent of virtue which concludes that beauty is not a part or an influence on morality.He also considers the alternatives, but ultimately shows that the Kantian understanding of autonomy has not yet lost its relevance.

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In the introduction, Vasil Gluchman stressed, that no ethical theories can be formulated which can be applied eternally.

Each age is characterized by its particular morality, and hence ethics must constantly adapt to existing realities.

This article is published with open access at This book, through its essays, captures this interdisciplinary nature of research into morality, treated both as a social fact, as well as man's individual disposition.

The Slovak philosopher and ethicist Vasil Gluchman, as the book's scientific editor, divided the book into two parts, the first, entitled Different Concepts of Morality presents, in accordance with its title, various and sometimes even controversial stances related to the understanding of key issues of morality.

Virtuous motivation pleases immediately although independently of any antecedent interest, on the basis of a free employment of intellectual faculties, and with universal validity.” Assuming Kant is referring to physical beauty, Kant explains that beauty is something that is objective to all as it pleases and provides freedom to humans.

He further explains that virtue is same in giving pleasure giving human intellectual freedom, and compares beauty and virtue by claiming they are parallel. Aristotle’s and David Hume’s disprove Kant’s argument.

This document is a summary of Kieran's "Art, Morality, and Ethics" My personal comments are in red.

The essay is an alternative to both Gaut's ethicism and Lamarque's aestheticism.

The author tries to prove that only molded conscience allows us to establish and maintain social relationships.

The author carries out his reasoning using human rights as an example.


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