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Through their "Dialogue Perspectives" programme, the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich and Avicenna academic foundations promote discourse between Jewish and Muslim scholarship holders.In an interview with Ursula Russmann, Rachel de Boor and Hani Mohseni talk about new alliances between their communities – and why the majority of society wants to see devout Jews, but liberal Muslims More Abrahamic Teams and interfaith dialogue: Conquering prejudice face-to-face Germany appoints an anti-Semitism commissioner: Moving in the right direction Anti-Semitism: There is no tradition of anti-Semitism in Islam In their field journal “The Crack” photographer Carlos Spottorno and journalist Guillermo Abril report the unfolding of Europeʹs migrant crisis from Africa to the Arctic over the course of three years. To identify the causes and consequences of Europeʹs identity crisis.Interview by Naima Morelli More Migration from Africa: Upholding migrant human rights Refugee camps in Libya: Guilty of torture and rape by association – Europeʹs dirty secret Migration in North Africa: Refugees in Libya face "catastrophic" conditions The idea of taking a group of US citizens from Trump's America on a free cultural exchange trip to Cairo, Egypt, sounds like either a lunatic plan or somebody's idea of a bad practical joke. The film "Free Trip To Egypt" documents how he came up with the idea and implemented it.

Takaki, also wrote about how the Irish were indentured servants, but they had problems with them running away with black slaves and also sleeping with them.

The colonist of Virginia thought that white slaves were too costly and were a high risk for flight.

They were considered the property of plantation owners and could be bought and sold at any time.

The blacks that happened to be free were not allowed to hold office, bear arms, testify in court, or vote.

It is a loaded term that refers to thousands of African and Asian workers arriving in Lebanon every year.

By Antoine Abou-Diwan More The creator of Berlin's legendary Balkan Beats nights, Robert Soko, has now launched Arab Beats, an event that invites Syrian refugees and German party-goers to come together – and snub the country's racist movements.

In the wake of the Christchurch attack, people took to the Internet to publish messages of both outrage and sympathy, as well as calls for retaliation.

Where hatred prevails, reason no longer appears to have a voice.

Once the white slaves where on their way out the colonists saw fit to enslave the blacks for life.

They began to make laws that hindered slaves from all freedoms.


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