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•When the CG asks what I am doing during said briefings, I am not to stand up and say “Sir, I made a duckie!

•When the CG asks what I am doing during said briefings, I am not to stand up and say “Sir, I made a duckie!” (Submitted by SPC Casper) •I cannot, in response to orders that we wear our reflective belts after dark on the FOB wear NVG’s and claim that its not dark to me.•Having your girlfriend/boyfriend live in your barrack suite is prohibited. is not recommended with civilian personnel around •Mark 19’s are not the best weapon for deer hunting, it just turns everything to paste.

The Lives have often been translated, and have always been a popular work.Paley "to be practically almost unknown to most persons in Britain, even to those who call themselves scholars."1 Habent etiam sua fata libelli. Montaigne, who was a great lover of Plutarch, and who observes in one passage of his Essays that "Plutarch and Seneca were the only two books of solid learning he seriously settled himself to read," quotes as much from the Moralia as from the Lives.And in the seventeenth century I cannot but think the Moralia were largely read at our Universities, at least at the University of Cambridge.•Gomer will *not* “man the rail” while entering port with his penis exposed. •After rapid firing a full magazine into the dirt beneath the target, Gomer will not defend his mis-aimed fire as “aimed at the ants, sir! •Gomer is not to swim in the drainage ditches around the barracks, nor arrange “combat swims” for others in such ditches.” •Although Gomer’s first General Order for Sentries is “Take charge of this post and all government property in view,” he is not authorized to open the pallet containing the C-Rations and distribute them to the rest of the team for lunch. •Gomer will *not* refuse to get on the Huey because he “never rode one anyplace he really wanted to go, and this isn’t the time to start.” (Submitted by Vincent Rose) •Do not “steal” exchange shopping carts and hide them in your barracks room. •You may not add to any essay you have been told to write: “you probably won’t read this any way”.•If you’re going to take a flying leap off a picnic table, don’t do it in the covered smoking area. “Spray and Pray” applies to many, many things that have nothing to do with mil-issued weapon systems. •(And my favorite, because the dumb*** worked in my office) If the duty NCO has the key to the restricted area, and he’s out of the office, WAIT. •Sending a Private to the ship’s supply office for a gallon of “relative bearing grease” is not funny.•Reprimanding the Private when he returns without it and assigning said private to “mail buoy watch” is a no-no.For, not to mention the wonderful way in which the famous Jeremy Taylor has taken the cream of "Conjugal Precepts" in his Sermon called "The Marriage Ring," or the large and copious use he has made in his "Holy Living" of three other Essays in this volume, namely, those "On Curiosity," "On Restraining Anger," and "On Contentedness of Mind," proving conclusively what a storehouse he found the Moralia, we have evidence that that most delightful poet, Robert Herrick, read the Moralia, too, when at Cambridge, so that one cannot but think it was a work read in the University course generally in those days.For in a letter to his uncle written from Cambridge, asking for books or money for books, he makes the following remark: "How kind Arcisilaus the philosopher was unto Apelles the painter, Plutark in his Morals will tell you."2 In 1882 the Reverend C. King, Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, translated the six "Theosophical Essays" of the Moralia, forming a volume in Bohn's Classical Library.


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