Aqa A2 P.E Coursework

Aqa A2 P.E Coursework-14
The big question then becomes is it worth doing the AS coursework, because it has no weighting or worth for the A-level course!

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This means that in year 12, students taking the AS course can be in the same teaching group as those taking the A-level, so avoiding the logistical nightmare of having separate AS and A-levels classes in year 12.

Both the AS and A-level courses are 70% theory and 30% coursework, another Ofqual requirement, and so the same across all exam boards.

The content looks vaguely reassuring in that it can be quickly recognised as the same stuff, with a few additional topics, and some departures; sliding filament, distraction conflict theory, profile of mood states to name three.

Coursework is essentially the same, and the idea of a single activity is balanced by no officiating. Will we see the need for the only very good performers/coaches being able to attain the standards required by AQA?

Knowing the result of submissions in other subjects, I think it is highly likely that the latter is the case.

However, in all probability, I expect that changes will be largely superficial, as most of the content has been dictated by Ofqual, and there appears to be limited variation between the different exam boards.

The main points about the AQA specification is that AS is now a separate qualification from A-level, with AS marks making no contribution to A-level.

As a requirement from Ofqual, and in what appears to be an afterthought, the AS and A-level specifications are co-teachable.

The AS specification involves the studying of six different areas within sport and the A-level specification expands on that content. They are then assessed under similar headings to the current specification: • AA1: Technical quality – aspect 1 (15 marks) • AA2: Technical quality – aspect 2 (15 marks) • AA3: Application of strategies/tactics (15 marks) As now, DVD evidence is required for any activities that are outside the direct supervision of the centre and/or cannot be replicated at moderation, such as skiing, equestrianism, etc.

Moderation appears to be much the same as currently, except that a DVD recording has to be made of moderation by the centre for evidence.


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