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This journal uncovers the expanding world of redox-based therapeutics—genetic, pharmacological, and nutritional.However, relevant papers on the animal and plant environment, biology and pathology will also be included.

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Water content recorded a decline in the sensitive (PBW 343 and PBW 621) as well as tolerant (PBW 527 and PBW 175) cultivars in stress duration and cultivar dependent manner and this was reversed following re-watering in all the cultivars.

Oxidative stress indicators also increased in all the cultivars at different stress intensities but this was reversed following re-watering in the tolerant cvs. At 3 and 6 days, boiling soluble monodehydroascorbate reductase (Bs MDAR), boiling soluble protein disulphide isomerase (Bs PDI) activity increased in both the tolerant cvs.

Mechanisms exist inside cells that both generate and protect against ROS-induced oxidative damage.

This equilibrium termed as “redox homeostasis” is vital for the health and continued survival of the cell.

PBW 175 and PBW 527 whereas boiling soluble guaiacol peroxidase (Bs GPX) increased in the sensitive cv. However, as the stress intensity increased to 10 days, Bs MDAR, boiling soluble glutathione-S-transferase (Bs GST) and Bs GPX increased only in the tolerant cvs. Based upon our results, biochemical significance of the boiling soluble antioxidants in the cultivars of wheat differing in drought resistance during different stress intensities and recovery is discussed.

PBW 175 and PBW 527, thus accentuating their cardinal roles in stress tolerance under harsh drought conditions.

Free Radicals and Antioxidants publishes full research papers presenting original, high quality research, critical review articles providing comprehensive analysis of research development within a defined area and editorial commentaries on key topical issues in Free Radical and Antioxidant Biology.

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The boiling soluble proteins, BSPs (proteins remaining soluble upon boiling in aqueous solution) forms an instrumental part of the response to water deficit conditions and might be of key importance for the survival of plants under unfavourable environmental conditions.

These BSPs are typified by two unique properties: high hydrophilicity and high thermal stability.


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