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It does not hide, tone down, twist or distort what it sees as the human beings do.When the poet says, “I have no preconceptions,” he means that the mirror is absolutely unbiased. Besides, in the same stanza, the mirror has also been described as ‘unmisted’ because it is ‘clear’, ‘objective’, ‘dispassionate’ and ‘unprejudiced’ in reflecting what it sees.

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Their projection of hers is not exact as all blemishes of her face get hidden due to lack of light.

Claiming that though certain images reflected in it might be painful to certain people at certain stages of their lives, it is in no way responsible for causing this pain because it reflects exactly what it sees.

The whole poem is a reflection of the mirror’s point of view., by Sylvia Plath, which can be read in full here, the mirror gives its own description and says that I am silver coloured and I am very accurate while reflecting the images of the objects that fall on my surface.

The woman starts crying because she has become very old. Also may be she is fretting and fuming at the loss of her youth and beauty.

This reveals her to be a woman of weak and vain character whose life becomes miserable because she cannot accept the reality.


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