Alcohol Term Paper

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The only safe blood alcohol level behind the wheel is zero.

A small amount of impairment from intoxication can also be lethal when combined with activities such as water sports, skiing, hunting, climbing, or using power tools, where minor misjudgments can have major consequences.

What is the normal course of human development with regard to alcohol?

The answer to this question is quite specific to culture.

In the extreme, alcohol can produce a withdrawal syndrome stronger and considerably more life-threatening than that associated with heroin addiction.

Other features of alcohol dependence include drinking more or for a longer time than intended, failed attempts to reduce or stop drinking, and foregoing other important activities in favor of drinking.Because alcohol is a depressant drug, depression is often caused or exacerbated by heavy drinking.In college students, drinking level has a strong and negative relationship to grade point average.Alcohol dependence occurs as a person develops a pattern of alcohol use that results in substantial impairment in functioning.The person’s life becomes more and more entangled with drinking.Heavy drinking is closely linked to a wide range of health problems, at least doubling the risk for heart disease, cancers of many types, and hypertension.Risks for liver disease and for cancers of the mouth and gastrointestinal system are greatly increased by drinking above moderate levels.Because alcoholic beverages differ in content, it is important here to define what constitutes “one drink.” A useful definition is that one standard drink contains one-half ounce of ethyl alcohol.When moderation is exceeded, or when one drinks at all in dangerous situations, one enters the realm of risky drinking, which includes both acute and chronic risk. Conclusion In order to understand the problematic use of alcohol, it is helpful first to consider what constitutes a state of health with regard to its use.Such people obviously have no negative consequences related to their own drinking.


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