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After it is completed, this artifact can be used to identify opportunities to improve or educate others involved in the process.The notion of “stapling yourself to an order” comes from process improvement, but can be useful in a variety of scenarios.Other collaborators may understand them differently. Mapping the semantic environment clarifies the language people use and the expectations they bring to an interaction. ) For example: Object of play You can use the Draw Toast exercise to introduce people to the concepts of visual thinking, working memory, mental models and/or systems thinking.

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Information architect and author, Jorge Arango developed Semantic Environment Mapping years ago to make visible the everyday language through which we so naively swim.

Object of Play The Semantic Environment Canvas will help you understand the language, rules, and power dynamics that make it possible for people to accomplish their purposes in particular situations—or hinder them from doing so. If you have more than six people, consider breaking them into groups and assigning separate environments to each group.

A group with no documented process, or an overly complex one, will benefit from the exercise.

If the process is taking too long, or if no one seems to know how the work gets done, it’s time to staple yourself to something and see where it goes.

Problem-solving tasks are suitable for adults and some of the challenges may be adapted for young people.

It defines what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

They can continue to work on separate ideas, or begin working on the same idea.

But the 5-minute sketching sprint should always be done silently and independently.

Depending on why you are doing the exercise you may want to point out the following: Strategy By limiting the time a group has to answer a question you will make them focus on the most important things.

The idea is not to gather all information per participant but to gather meaningful information as a group.


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