Accountability And Responsibility In Nursing Essays

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Introduction Accountable Practitioner- Consent Caulfield's (2005) Four Pillars of Accountability provides a good overview of the elements that need to be addressed in relation to the professional role.

This assignment will look at three of the pillars: relevant legal, ethical and professional issues that impact on the role of a nurse.

So the concern that I have raised I have decided to base my assignment on the subject matter of consent.

CONSENT It is a general legal, ethical and professional principle that valid consent must be obtained before starting any treatment or physical investigation, or providing personal care for a patient. Middle Although as a group (and class) we had many discussions around the different courts and which cases would be looked at in these courts, I am still not confident in this area and need to continue to educate myself about this.

The NMC (2004) guidelines state that the information must be given in a sensitive and understanding way, and that enough time should be given for the patient to consider the proposed treatment and be able to ask questions.

It is not safe to assume that the patient has enough knowledge for them to make an informed choice without explanation.This article comes with a handout for a journal club discussion With the emergence of healthcare support staff, the boundaries of the role of registered nurses have been blurred.Often healthcare workers are now allocated tasks that were once the responsibility of qualified nurses.I will ensure that I keep up to date with relevant Accountable Practitioner policies to ensure my professional role as a nurse is never challenged when a complex situation may arise. The creation of new nursing support roles has blurred the boundaries of registered nurses’ roles and raises questions of accountability and delegation.Towards the end of my assignment I will write a critical incident report which will reflect on an event which happened on a past placement regarding my chosen topic.Hendrick (2004) interprets accountability to be about justifying your actions, omissions and decisions.Other areas that can inform professional judgement and decision-making practice include clinical guidance from the Department of Health (Do H), the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), alongside information from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the General Medical Council (GMC).All of these have been looked at by my group throughout the module and will be considered when forming this essay.The code outlines that the nurse must respect and support people's rights to accept or decline treatment and care (NMC, 2008).Patients may well be vulnerable and unable to protect their own interests, so by providing information and making the patient feel confident to make their own decisions will guarantee the professional role.


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