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Both Alyssa and Miguel are at equal fault because she let him cheat, and instead of…

The importance of academic integrity Scholarly completeness is always a major concern for many universities around the world.

The sanctions on this student should have been asking the professor if he could use the older material that he had before because not only might he fail the assignment, but also fail that class. She cheated off of Mark, so it is a form of academic dishonesty.

She should have talked to the professor and told her that she did not understand the work that she was given and the professor would have helped her, instead she cheated and got a failing grade.

Knowing that you can do the work by yourself clearly means that you understand what is being taught and you actually put in an effort to learn more.

You should be able to complete any assignments, exams, and any other given assignments with complete honesty.

Some ways the students violate academic integrity is when they cheat.

They look at someone else’s paper, or copy their work when they didn’t do it themselves.

Even though it is just extra credit, he should use newer stuff for it. The student should have used newer material for his extra credit instead of using the older ones.

If he used direct quotes, he should have cited them correctly.


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