Abbreviation Scientific Research Essays

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If figures and tables are used, their position must be indicated in the text, and attention must be paid to the order of references, as figures and tables must also follow the consecutive order of references in the text.

Authors must be careful not to use double the manuscript should be informative but concise and explain the nature of the work.

The information in the summary should agree with the rest of the text and all information in it should appear in the body of the paper.

Directly below the summary the key words should be presented. Sufficient references to relevant previous publications along with a brief discussion and conclusions of past research should be given.

They should give up-to-date state of the art of the topic they cover.

Manuscripts written in form of (mini)review papers must also contain title of the manuscript, running title, authors' names and affiliations, contact details of corresponding author in the footnote, summary, key words, introduction and conclusion chapters, while the body should contain subheadings that reflect the content of the manuscript, with the rules for grading the subheadings being the same.and minireview papers should be written by well-recognized experts in the field rather than someone less experienced.Reviews (up to 10000 words, 6 figures and tables combined, and 150 references) are original, critical and up-to-date surveys of an area in which, preferably, the author himself/herself is active.Which keywords will be most effective for my paper?Are there any fixed rules to be followed for creating these?Also, how many keywords are required for an original research article?Keywords are words that capture the essence of your paper.Also use variants terms or phrases that readers are likely to use (For example, if the paper is about spine disorders, use words like spinal cord, vertebral column, backbone, etc.)5.The full forms of shortened words or acronyms and abbreviations should be included as well. However, I would say it is good to have 4-5 keywords ready, and add more depending on the journal requirement.They should include recent references from international publications.Minireviews are papers reviewing narrower topics of particular scientific interest (up to 6000 words, 4 figures and tables combined, and 100 references).


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