A Problem Solution Essay

Therefore, taking the time to read the prompt carefully will help you identify not only the topic but the specific aspects about the topic that you are expected to address.

The problem/solution essay prompts can vary in their questioning so be sure to read carefully.

Let’s try that planning strategy with a slightly different prompt: More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list.

The mistake that many writers make is to write an essay arguing that the problem exists.

They then either run out of time or forget to answer the bullet point questions.

To avoid a disappointing score, look to answer the bullet questions completely.

You will briefly introduce the situation in your first paragraph, but the main part of the essay should address those questions. You will be more likely to get a higher score if you include more than one reason and more than one solution in this essay.When you turn to Task two of the Writing section you will be given a prompt and expected to respond with a written argument.If you do it well, your ideas will be relevant, your line of reasoning will be easy to follow, and you will use examples from your personal experience or general knowledge to support your argument.The topics are familiar, for example, about family life, the impact of technology on society, issues around health and fitness or the environment.If you have been keeping up with current events by watching or reading the news, you should have something to say, and if you don’t have any real facts, make them up.For instance, it is not unusual to have to write about how much you agree or disagree with a statement or to present two sides of an issue or to write about the pros and cons of a development. They rush into the task without first clearly understanding what is required.Each of these essays can be written using a simple essay structure (introductory, body and concluding paragraphs), but there are some essay prompts that have proven to be more challenging to test takers. Here we look at how to approach and tackle this essay starting with what not to do. In this case a person’s response can go completely off the rails or in the wrong direction and lower his or her score.Here is one way to organize the problem/solution essay.You could use this format with either of the above prompts.As the demands for resources increase, our forests and the animals that live in them are suffering.With every acre of land lost to industrial timber harvests, wildlife habitats are shrinking and the species that relied on them are dying out.


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