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You can be a good person and still wear a bad dress.

It is not sexist (Go Fug Yourself also reviews men's fashion) and truthfully, it is , it's okay to laugh.

The North felt that representation in Congress should be based on the number of total people and South felt that it should be based on number of whites.

You have everything to improve your results and use our professional experience to become a perfect student.

Critics provide deeper insight and analysis, along with cultural connections, to a piece of art—and have been since the dawn of the written word.

It's especially important to sustain and advocate for fashion criticism, as fashion is an industry innately responsive to cultural events and the current state of the world.

Of all the things happening in the world, please let us at least make a joke about your crazy designer dress as a form of entertainment.

What's more is that Munn went as far to compare the Fug Girls' fashion reviews to that of teenage boys who were caught objectifying girls by ranking them with a "point system." Comparing celebrities wearing designer clothing selected by their stylists to teenage boys sexually objectifying girls is not only inaccurate, but offensive and dangerous.

Criticizing an outfit is not the same as criticizing the person wearing it.

Making a joke about a woman's outfit is not an attack on her character, ideas, or her work.


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