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[tags: A Good Man Is Hard to Find] - “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” by Flannery O’Connor explores the complexity of human nature.The unnamed grandmother is a perfect example of how contradictory a person’s beliefs and standards can be.

[tags: Family, A Good Man Is Hard to Find] - “A Good Man is hard to find,” a short story written by Flannery O’ Connor, is one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever come across to in my life.

Born as an only child into a Catholic family, O’ Conner is one of the most “greatest fiction writers and one of the strongest apologists for Roman Catholicism in the twentieth century (New Georgia Encyclopedia).” She was a very strong believer in her faith and she used her stories as a tool to send the reader a message that were most likely ignored and almost never uttered out loud....

She is indirectly manipulative, yet she holds herself to a higher, purer standard than the other characters.

Not to mention, the grandmother is not as she first appear, and she is stuck on the views of the past and how they apply to her as a lady, whether the views are correct or not.

[tags: A Good Man is Hard to Find Essays] - I think that Flannery O’Connor’s short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is written partially in order to convert people who have not yet fully accepted the Christian faith.

O’Conner, having a strong upbringing and solid Christian background, wrote this story believing it would help people who do not have a strong moral base and Christian convictions to seriously making the necessary changes.

Flannery O’Connor develops these two characters on the surface as simply being a good person and a bad person.

However, there is more to each character than the surface level, as they exhibit traits that wouldn’t ordinarily seem fitting in regards to what would be expected....

Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find, presents the overall theme of death all throughout her story.

She also talks about how racism is evil, specifically talking about the grandma.


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