50 Winning College Essays From Ivy League Students

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So at some point there's a bit of weariness that sets in reading one good applicant after another.

The student who’s able to cut through that, an interesting essay, an unusual topic, someone who makes us laugh, that's someone that stands out for us.

Regardless of why YOU want to know which schools don’t require any extra essays, we’ve got you covered.

See below sample schools that don’t require extra essays this year.

Many colleges typically want more than what the Common App asks applicants and we definitely work with our students to craft a proactive approach to all those ‘extra’ essays.

Whether your target list of schools requires supplemental essays or not, we’re here to help you share your voice, your vision and your true scholarly selves to the college admissions world.The Cranberry Bread essay was written by Barbara Bluestone, and she did these two things so effectively that her essay was part of the And those two things — by themselves — made the admissions officer smile and made it an easy decision to place Ms.Bluestone’s “respectable” – but otherwise unremarkable – application in the “Admit” box.matter is what you say and how you say it, because you should have clear objectives, and we’ll provide you with advice on that matter in future blogs.” Here’s the first installment for you.We start by confessing that we lied to you in our title for this blog: We can’t give you the magic formula for writing a perfect college application essay, because there isn’t one.Here are two important lessons to be learned: First, a perfect essay the readers immediately, making them want to read on.It gets them to willingly follow your thoughts from beginning to end instead of getting dragged along out of a sense of obligation to read your entire essay.Still, there are reasons that one of the essays in was featured in the book’s opening, and we’re absolutely convinced that there are valuable lessons to be learned from it, so here’s that part of the opening: Put Yourself in Their Shoes You are an admissions officer at Harvard, Duke, or Stanford. You’re facing yet another long night of reading vague, boring, pompous essays. cranberries …Not only is the following an overview of my personality but also a delicious recipe.You slowly bow your head and rest it in your hands, wishing for a different job. First the flour and the sugar need to be sifted together into a large bowl.Further, there’s nothing necessarily easy about coming up with an effective opening hook, presenting oneself in a creative way, or knowing the “what” and “when” of adding those delectable characteristics.Violent staccatos of the jackhammer coupled with rhythmic pounding of nails and muffled obscenities comprise the symphony of the construction site that has been my father’s accompaniment more than half of his life.


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